Tasha Tuesday- Celebrating in August!

Hi friends, and welcome to a special Tasha Tuesday post! I’ve got some exciting news— in honor of what would have been Tasha’s 105th birthday on August 28th, we will be celebrating here on the blog each Tuesday in August, with new posts and presents for YOU! I’ve got some wonderful prizes lined up to giveaway each week, and I’ll you’ll need to do to enter to win is comment on the blog or on my instagram. It should be a lot of fun!

This world can seem such a serious, unpredictable and nerve-wracking place….I feel like we need some treats to look forward to, and plenty of Tasha’s wit in inspiring art and life. I hope you’ll join me through the month of August- why not celebrate for the entire month, right?

As we spoke about last week, I feel like in these times of uncertainty and quarantine, we have a lot we can learn from Tasha. She was someone who loved seeing friends and family and maintained friendships across long distances for many years. And while she loved reasons to gather and create with friends, she also spent long stretches of time at home alone, creating.

She was definitely not someone who needed constant outside stimulus to be happy. Her home was full of ways to occupy her time— whether cooking, painting, gardening, spinning, weaving or sewing. Much of what she did didn’t even require electricity, let alone WiFi. I know I find inspiration in that, and I hope you do too.

My plan for the coming month of August is to write a new post each Tuesday, and then give everyone an opportunity to enter to win a prize. I’m really excited about what I’ve gathered to offer, and I hope you like it to!

Til then, I have to get ready and get everything prepared! Lets find some joy and celebration as the summer days begin to wane. Then before you know it— autumn will be here!

We will savor these last days though, and of course—

Take Joy!~


13 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday- Celebrating in August!

  1. Funny how we all love tasha and need the internet to join up and share our joy in her yet she never had the internet and probably would have hated it.


    1. ha, you’re right! But we gotta do what we gotta do 🙂 Tasha often gathered kindred spirits around her when she met them, so I’m sure she’d appreciate that aspect of our social media 🙂


  2. I could use a big dose of Tasha’s ability to let the madness of the world stay outside her home environs. It will be fun to learn a bit more about her priorities and how she found solace and beauty in those parts of the world around her. What a legacy of beauty from the simplicity of the everyday glimpses of seasons, life, and celebrations Tasha left us in all of her art and children’s books!


  3. I am really looking forward to this. I, like Tasha, enjoy hobbiting and creating in my home. The pandemic just legitimizes my quirkiness. Love your IG and blog 🥰🧡🤎💚


  4. Tasha said she always lived in the world of her imagination. A world I know from experience that takes great dedication and ‘work’, tho she also said if you do what you love it is not work. (to me it is just the way I live my life”.


    1. Yes, very true. It is good to try to create our world where we can, I think it gives us peace of mind and peace of heart. The world has always been a dark place in many aspects, but ‘it pays to look at the stars’ as Tasha liked to quote!


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