Shop Update: 2021 Calendar and Harvest Kitchen Print

Hi friends,

Hope you’re having a great Friday– I’ve got a couple of shop updates that I’d thought I’d share with you–

FIRSTLY, the 2021 Calendars are now IN STOCK! Everyone who was so sweet and went ahead and made their preorder, your calendars are all now in the mail and on their way (a few may even arrive today!). I’ve still got plenty though, so if you’d like to order one, they are now in my etsy shop. I am so happy with how they came out, and I hope you all love them too! Thank you! 😀

I’ve also got a new 8×10″ autumn print available— “Harvest Kitchen.” This painting is also “November” in the 2021 calendar! It’s printed on white linen paper and looks very pretty. Can you tell I am very deep into autumn? It’s what keeps me happy in the heat of the summer. And especially this summer….when things can seem so dire….I have to make my own fun and joy where I can. And autumn is my happy place.

I’m still working away on other projects, including an autumn booklet, that I hope to share with you soon. Til then, have a safe and happy weekend!

Take Joy,


2 thoughts on “Shop Update: 2021 Calendar and Harvest Kitchen Print

  1. Looking forward to the arrival of my 2021 calendar! I love that the color has the Welsh Knitters too, now that I know that one of my ancestors arrived from there to Delaware in 1725. Yes, Autumn is my happy place too while the heat and humidity rage on. True to form as well will be the arrival of the latest hurricane to the east coast of Florida tomorrow as we turn the page to August. Every now and then hurricanes actually make it to Great Britain so I wonder if Hannah knew about these intense fall storms and if she experienced any of them in her life. For sure she would have experienced them here in Delaware.


    1. I think your calendar is arriving very soon— maybe today! 😀 Im so glad you like the Welsh Knitters, they were a lot of fun to paint! I might need a welsh cross stitch sometime in the future— when I finish all these other projects I’ve given myself 😉


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