A Merry Christmas to you!

Hello my friends–

I’ve had this post in process for a few weeks now, planning on sharing with you about our simple Christmas plans and what was going on in the shop— yet I never had time to sit down and do it! And now here I am, the day after Christmas….finally getting to it. Well, that’s 2020 for you, isnt it? Surely its better late than never…

The last few weeks have been a whirl and a rush, even more so than usual. Aside from the Christmas rush of filling, packing and mailing orders, I also had my youngest home doing virtual school for two out of three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I did manage to stay on top of things and get mail out pretty constantly, and then of course….the US postal service pretty much fell apart! If you placed an order this month and it has yet to arrive, you should be able to check your shipping for your item within the “purchases and reviews” section of your etsy account. Through there select your order and you should see a link to track the item. It has all been so incredibly hit-and-miss as to when things arrive. And it’s so incredibly frustrating, as I try to process things very quickly from my end. If you ordered from me this holiday season— THANK YOU— and I hope it all arrives as quickly as possible!

Here at my house we had a pretty simple Christmas and just stayed at home in our lazy clothes! We had plenty of food and plenty of treats, and everyone got some nice presents. Our BIG family present this year was— a puppy! I will share a photo of him here soon, but there are some photos of him on my instagram account already!

I am also thankful for some wonderful gifts from far away friends that thankfully arrived in time for Christmas! I was also given this amazing collection of vintage Tasha Tudor Christmas cards— aren’t they charming?

Now that the holiday rush as passed, I am turning my attention to 2021, although if this year taught me anything, its to not make any concrete plans! However, I am hoping to have more pattern booklets to share with you, and of course I need to get painting for the 2022 calendar! That will be fun. And I am also looking forward to enjoying quiet winter days, where there is no rush, and I can let my imagination run wild and get some good, cozy painting time in. I want you to know that I appreciate SO MUCH your being here and for purchasing from my etsy shop! I hope you get some nice, slow time in the coming weeks as well.

I plan on posting again without such a large gap, and I hope to have some wonderful things to share with you in the new year! I hope you had a peaceful, joyful Christmas, and I wish you health and happiness in the new year! I think we all deserve it!~

Take Joy!

2 thoughts on “A Merry Christmas to you!

  1. Yes indeed, 2020 was a challenging year! Even with plans for a quieter and simpler Christmas, it ended up lovely but complex working around the usual routines. One of the most wonderful gifts came from Mother Nature who blew in a huge cold front on Christmas Eve and gave us Christmas day and Boxing Day that were extremely cold by Florida standards along with our first 2 hard frosts in over two years! It was fun to spend time outside bundled up and enjoying the little fire pit with our daughter and her husband as we opened gifts and visited on the back porch. In a way, it was such an unplanned and fun change of weather that made it feel like a Currier and Ives theme but without the snow.

    I am looking forward to your plans for more booklets and stitching projects in 2021. I about wore out the pages of the Fall Booklet and totally filling up the pages of my garden journal. These projects are fun and they also provide ways to make permanent little projects for home and gifting. I made three neck cowls for gifts from the fall booklet and everyone loved them! Plus I have gifted several bookmarks and little pin cushions that were enjoyed as well. The garden journal has been the perfect place to date changes in the semi-tropical place where I live and follow along more closely, the unfolding of every month. Mother Nature demands patience and flexibility. These are virtues of positive living in our fast paced Technological age. I am trying to learn them better. Thank-you Mother Nature!

    Enjoy these slower and easy days after Christmas and I look forward to more Sleightholm Art in 2021!


  2. Your Christmas decor is so sweet! I understand about the best laid plans, and 2020 is completely to blame! It’s still Christmas around here until Jan. 6th, so I’m not too late reading this post, LOL!


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