08:: Good Things Gathered

Hello there, friends!

I hope you’re well! I can’t believe that Easter is almost here, and so this week’s Good Things Gathered is all about my favorite Easter treats!

  1. First of all, there are several Tasha Tudor books that I enjoy bringing out this time of year. “A Time to Keep”, “Around the Year” and “A Tale For Easter” are all wonderful books for spring. “A Time to Keep” (shown open to the Easter page) and “Around the Year” both focus on the changing seasons, so if you enjoy using a beautiful book for a seasonal table display, they are great books to have on hand. “A Tale for Easter” is also a very sweet little book for this Easter season. It is a very simple book, so is a good one for new readers. All three of these books are also still in print and easy to find, and you can purchase all of them from Tasha’s family in their online shop, as well as most other booksellers.

2. Easter is also a great time to buy some great chocolate, and our family’s favorite treat is See’s Candies! This candy company started in California, but it has started to branch out across the country. For a few years now we’ve had a See’s Candies at the mall in Tulsa, and its very good quality and comes in sweet seasonal packaging for most holidays. Last Easter we were unable to get any chocolate from See’s since everything was in lockdown, so I’m so glad to be able to get it again! Another bonus of visiting a See’s Candies— any time you go in you get a free sample of chocolate! Yum!

3. Something that I love this time of year is also Pysanky Eggs! I have a modest collection of two, both of which I bought on Etsy years ago. The creation of Pysanky eggs is so interesting and intricate, the patter is creating by drawing the design with wax onto the egg and then dying the egg with each color. It is an impressive and painstaking process, and these little eggs are truly works of art! If you’d like to see a selection of pysanky eggs from artisans on Etsy, you can check them out HERE.

Well, I am off to finish some projects, and hope to be back here soon. This week sorta got out of hand for me, and its one of those times when I feel like I’m always playing catch-up! Looking forward to finishing my latest painting and having some nice time to relax.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter Sunday, and blessed Good Friday today!~
Take Joy!

3 thoughts on “08:: Good Things Gathered

  1. I’ve heard so much about See’s candies! I’ll have to try them some time. Love the Tasha Tudor books….Happy Easter!


  2. I love these lovely Tasha books you shard today! I remember reading these stories to my girls when they were little. The illustrations are wonderful. I only have the Easter one but I read it every year just for fun.

    Keeping fingers crossed that your second vaccine dose will not bring symptoms. I did have a fever and aches the second day, but felt fine the next morning. See’s Candies are delicious! I have had the opportunity to get them on a few occasions and they are a real treat. Enjoy them this Easter!!


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