15:: Good Things Gathered

Hi friends! Happy Friday and welcome to another Good Things Gathered! In celebration of Tasha Tudor’s birthday tomorrow, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite Tasha Tudor books.

If you’re looking for some good books about Tasha herself- I really love:

  1. The Private World of Tasha Tudor– Written and photographed by Richard Brown, this was the first book I ever read about Tasha and the book that made me fall in love with her. This book follows Tasha through the seasons, and also gives a bit of a biography as well. It features her artwork as well and gives an insight into her lifestyle, life philosophy and a glimpse inside her home. If you’re looking for one book to purchase to learn more about Tasha, this is the one I’d suggest.
  2. Tasha Tudor’s Garden– This is a lovely book written by garden writer Tovah Martin with photos by Richard Brown. If your interest in Tasha Tudor centers more around her gardening, then you will love this book. It follows her garden through the year, from spring to winter, and you get a real glimpse into what the process and thought was behind her legendary cottage garden in Vermont. Martin is a knowledgeable garden writer with a close relationship with Tasha that lasted many years. Her books are a joy to read.
  3. Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts– And speaking of joys to read by Tovah Martin, this one is also a wonderful addition to your Tasha library, this time focusing more on the old skills and handcrafts that Tasha delved into, many times with the assistance of talented friends. Richard Brown also did the photos for this book, and they are absolutely beautiful. Many of Tasha’s craft interests dovetailed together– from spinning yarn, to dyeing it, to weaving and knitting….many of her projects ended up gifts for family and friends. If you also have an interest in the old crafts, you’ll absolutely love this book.

4. A Time to Keep– This is an absolutely beautiful book that follows the year through the stories of a grandmother telling her grandchild about all the things the family did to celebrate the seasons and holidays. It begins in January and ends with Christmas, celebrating everything from Valentines Day, May Day, Independence Day, Halloween and Christmas. This is a big book, so it also makes a charming table display if you do a seasonal tabletop with children. It is full of beautiful big illustrations and simple text, so it is also a nice read for early readers. A Time to Keep is also still in print, so pretty easy to find, unlike some of Tasha’s work. I highly suggest this as a great start to building your Tasha Tudor children’s Library.

5. The Butt’ry Shelf Cookbook– This collaborative work between Tasha and her friend Mary Mason Campbell is such a treasure. Mason Campbell collects stories and recipes about old fashioned New England living and Tasha did the illustrations. The book is lively and engaging and full of great stories and recipes. Tasha’s illustrations are the crowning glory of it! This book is one you’ll have to look for used, but it is well worth it. It is small and so charming, and a fun read. It’s also a perfect book to curl up with in autumn— which is fast approaching! If you’re willing to search for a more obscure Tasha book– this is a must have!

6. Around the Year- this is another wonderful children’s book that simply celebrates the seasons and holidays and is great for little readers (or even smaller little ones who like simple, short books.) The illustrations in this book are both pencil drawings and full color illustrations. The pictures are sweet, wholesome and so charming. This book is also still in print and pretty easy to find– its also available as a paperback, so inexpensive. It will definitely get you in the mood for all the coming seasons!

I hope you enjoyed this little collection of books, and I hope you have a wonderful Friday! Take some time tomorrow to think of Tasha Tudor on her birthday and of course–

Take Joy!~!


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