Hints of Autumn and Tasha Tudor’s Birthday

Tasha Tudor’s birthday is on August 28!

Good morning, friends- How are you? Here in Oklahoma we are slogging through another very hot week, but I can see autumn on the horizon. The kids have started school again, and the end of August also brings another special date- Tasha Tudor’s birthday! She was born on August 28, 1915 and as you know last year, I had a lot of special posts through the month to celebrate– as well as my whole Tasha Tuesday archive (which you can enjoy!)

This year things have been quieter, but Tasha is still very much on my mind as we end another August and then set our minds and hearts towards autumn.

Phantom Hydrangeas with a bit of autumn color

In the garden, my plants are trying to hold on and survive the heat, and I can already see hints of autumn, like the slight blushing on my Phantom Hydrangea. I’ve been busy working on new things to offer you next week for my Autumn Gathering etsy shop update too— I’ll have large original pieces and also some smaller paintings and my witch and ghost doll ornaments you all like so much! I can’t wait for you to see it all!

These days I’ve been mostly at home, but the other day I stopped into a local antique store and found this little doll sized setee. It’s not antique, but it looks so sweet with my Queen Anne style dolls made by doll artist Christine Crocker. I set them up with my Salem Witch cross stitch pillow (the pattern is in my autumn booklet if you want one to!) and they’re my little ‘hint of autumn’ on the mantle right now.

My art dolls by artist Christine Crocker in their new setee

In spare moments, I’ve been cozying up with some of my favorite Tasha Tudor books– like Drawn From New England, which was written by Tasha’s daughter, Bethany. I love seeing the photos of Tasha’s life— from even before the classic books we know and love by Tovah Martin and Richard Brown. Tasha’s life and work never fail to inspire me. And I am so glad the Tasha documentaries “Take Joy” and “Take Peace” are now available for many people to watch on Amazon Prime. She truly was a remarkable woman, and her art is something I love delving into— as an artist and just as an art appreciator.

A Tasha Tudor biography, Drawn From New England, was written by Tasha’s daughter Bethany in the 1970s

A few years ago, I was able to visit Tasha’s home in Vermont, Corgi Cottage. In the room where she painted, her chair was still pulled up to the table, and her brushes and paints still set out, as if she’d only stepped away for a moment and would return soon. It was such a meaningful day, and a meaningful moment in time, to be able to be there, in her garden and home, and to see the place where she’d created so many beautiful works, and to BE there— within the very walls and with her things. Perhaps you’ll think that’s sentimental– no doubt it is! But she’s meant a lot to me for a very long time!

Tasha Tudor at her painting table in the 1970s. Featured in “Drawn From New England” by Bethany Tudor

I’ll be sharing more reflections about Tasha on my instagram account, but I wanted to share with you about her here as well. I hope you are well, and that you get to take a moment sometime on Tasha’s birthday to do something you love and to, of course, take joy!

Thanks so much for coming here to visit me today! I appreciate it!


One thought on “Hints of Autumn and Tasha Tudor’s Birthday

  1. I love this last photo of Tasha when she was much younger. It is fun to see what she looked like in her middle years since most of the photos I have seen are when she was much older with grey hair. What a privilege and fantastic experience you enjoyed at actually seeing her Corgi Cottage. Tasha’s life was living art because her lens in the world was also her artistic lens when she created paintings. Happy Birthday wishes for Tasha who gave many beautiful art and joy!


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