An Early November Note to You!

Good morning, friends- and how are you? Just sending you a little note because I know its been quite a while…things have been so busy here, especially with adding 2nd grade homeschool to our days, but its been a GOOD busy, and Im painting where and when I can!

We visited pumpkin patches, sauntered through the Ozarks, celebrated my husband’s birthday, our anniversary and then Halloween! Yesterday was All Souls Day and we made Soul Cakes, remembering those we love that have now passed.

The recipe for the Soul Cakes came from the book Cattern Cakes and Lace. I was happy with how they turned out! And they are a yummy, spiced treat to get us ready for the coming holiday season….

I am now working on Christmas art and some other special projects that I will be able to tell you about at a later time! But its all a very good busy, and I’m thankful for it.

Speaking of Thankful– Thanksgiving is on it’s way! We are planning on doing a Plimouth Colony/Mayflower/Thanksgiving deep dive in the next couple of weeks, and I’m really looking forward to it! Homeschooling is the perfect excuse to go down some fun rabbit holes, especially with the early grades!

My Etsy shop is now stocked with Christmas Cards if you’d like to get yours, everything in my shop is on hand and ready to ship. No supply issues here!

I hope you are well and enjoying your autumn! It seems to have finally arrived here, although the leave are just beginning to change! So strange!

Hugs to you and of course,

Take Joy!

4 thoughts on “An Early November Note to You!

  1. Next time I am going to try your recipe because I have that book too.

    Enjoy your school Thanksgiving trip with the story from the Mayflower! Your collection of books look interesting and fun for children to explore too. Who knows, you might find some new recipes to try this year and change up the family menu. I have wanted to try Susan Branch’s recipe for Indian pudding for years. I might make it a priority to make it happen this year.


  2. Our daughter loved the painting we gave her for her birthday in October. I look forward to seeing all your pretty Christmas things!


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