November Remembrance

Not long ago, I was walking in the light rain of a most beautiful autumn day….through a very old cemetery….with one of my very best friends.

Is that not something everyone does? 😉

Well, it seems to be for me! It seems I cant go anywhere interesting without traipsing through a cemetery, and when I was in Albany a few weeks back helping my best gal Patricia with her oldest daughter’s wedding, we stopped by Albany Rural Cemetery the morning before I headed back home. The cemetery is over 175 years old, set into acres of lush rolling hills boarded by woods. When we were there the foliage was just at peek, and the rain and dampness gave the whole place such a moody, contemplative air. I am so glad we got to take those moments to walk through– even when the drizzle turned into out-right rain. It’s a true friend who will walk with you in such weather among acres of the silent dead….one who understands that it isnt scary, but poignant and a bit bittersweet to be amongst all those lives lived so long ago.

Just last week we observed All Souls’ Day, and put out photos of our loved ones who passed away. A photo that was new to this collection was one of my grandparents- who both died this year. My granny passed away in February, the day after her 88th birthday. My grandpa followed just 4 months later. It’s been a huge loss….and a hard journey. But it is a relief to know that they are together again (they were married for 67 years, something Grandpa was always quick to remind us) and no longer in any pain or confusion. It seems like it happened so terribly slowly when we were in the midst of it all, but looking back it seems so quick. Just a matter of 4 months, and everything so changed….

November lends itself to easily to contemplating these things, doesn’t it? Beginning and ends; finishing a book, picking up a new one…death of those dear followed by weddings and births… I seem to be caught in this space in a lot of ways.

I know things have been relatively quiet and subdued this year with my art. It definitely wasn’t my plan. But it’s how life worked out for me in 2022, and instead of racing frantically to get on with things again, I am taking a long moment to pause. Perhaps my heart and my paint brush needed some rest. Or refocus. Or a little bit of both. There have been some very hard things to grapple with in these past few months– but also very good things. We’ve had some wonderful changes too— new opportunities and pivots. A new, adorable nephew, a new business opportunity for my husband, further explorations into school at home. But it takes time to readjust. These things always do.

Thanks for sticking with me, and following along as I meander down some new paths. I am still very much loving to create and paint. Time at my painting table is very much savored. I am working on some little pieces to share with you very soon. I also just restocked my Christmas Cards in my ETSY SHOP, with plenty of St. Lucias for everyone!

I will be back soon, and will have things to share with you…..

Until then, thanks for being here! And always remember to–

Take Joy~

3 thoughts on “November Remembrance

  1. I, too, have given my paintbrush and my heart time to rest this year. I think it’s so important to recognize that we must do this from time to time. Especially during years of loss as you have experienced.


  2. What a splendid visit you had with Patricia in this beautiful old cemetery. The fall leaves also added a dramatic touch that only Fall can provide. I am glad that your 2022 also included some wonderful times following the loss of your beloved Grandparents in such a short time. I find the quieter, thoughtful days of November are the most precious of the fall season. It is also a perfect time to remember the many older family members and friends of mine who have passed. When I see the frequent thanksgiving byline of Give Thanks, I immediately think of family and friends who have helped me grow in so many ways. And old cemetery is a sweet way to bring that gratitude back into focus .

    A friend of mine and I were talking about this very aspect of 2022 last week. There are endless reasons, including deep losses of loved ones, that have derailed so many of us in various ways. We were all caught off guard and wondering where to put our feet back down now. And I think there are many women, like you, me , the responder above me, who aren’t quite sure of what to do or where to focus. I think a quiet stroll through a beautiful churchyard cemetery was a good place to wander and ponder. Sometimes answers come in the unprepared moments of everyday life.

    I hope 2023 will shed some light on new directions for you and all of us who share the same fog of losses and changes.


  3. It takes a lot of wisdom and courage to slow down in our society. Your soul knows what it needs and I will take a lesson. Most of us feel pressure to just go, go, go until our bodies push back and force us to stop. Sending love and light for a wonderful holiday season and bright blessings for the new year.


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