It’s hard on a girl not to feel pretty. Or even just ‘good enough to go out in public.’ This allergy snafu has done a number on the ol’ vanity. However this evening my little one informed me that “only witches are ugly. Except the good ones.” So there you have it. The wisdom of the ages!

Perhaps all this not-so-prettyness has got me looking for the mundane prettiness in little things, like the early morning light in my bedroom and how it gave these little folk art dolls that are some of my most prized possession such an ethereal look. They live perched up on an antique dresser and were made just for me by celebrated doll artist Christine Crocker. They are gorgeous and perfectly made, they feel like they are truly from another world. Love them. They prove that a crackly face and a bit of a tattery outfit are indeed lovely to gaze upon.
Something else pretty (and yummy) on my mind this weekend has been cake. Even when I had no energy to make one or appetite to even eat one, I dreamt of the ensured magic of Karen S. Booth’s post about this British recipe for Coffee Walnut Cake. And this isn’t ‘coffee cake’ in the American sense of ‘a cake you eat while having cake.’ Its is a cake with coffee in it. Just like my own Grandma Pansy used to use coffee as the secret ingredient of her show-stopping brownies, this cake takes on the rich nutty flavor of your favorite brew. Karen has become such a wonderful person to chat with as I’ve come to know her, and I’m sure you’d love visiting her blog. She hales originally from North Yorkshire in the UK, and spends her time there or at her B&B in the South of France where she makes the most beautiful meals and cakes and writes elegantly and with such rich historical detail that I love stopping in each morning as if it were part of breakfast 🙂
Looking at her cake and mine, mine of course seems thin and pancakey. And I’m not sure how her icing got to be such a lovely brown while mine stayed white. Should I blame the 4 year old who road shot-gun on this baking project? Surely not….I do think my self rising flour I found may not be up to snuff.
But its tonight’s dessert, and buzzards are circling. So I better sign off and have a bit….I’m sure it will make me pretty 🙂

8 thoughts on “Pretty

  1. OH what a lovely post and THANKS so much for all of your kind words about me and my blog Heather! I feel quite overwhelmed…….Your cake LOOKS just fine, I added coffee essence to my butter-cream/icing/topping, well not essence but you make a home-made coffee essence with some instant coffee and a tablespoon or two of water….it is under the topping/icing part of the recipe method, so maybe you needed a little more coffee? HOWEVER, I think it looks fabulous! I HOPE you all enjoyed it! I LOVE the dolls, they are so pretty and very mysterious too, they look wise somehow……I love folk art in all its forms and those dolls are wonderful, especially sat next to your lovely yellow rose.I hope you are feeling \”more beautiful\” by the day ~ it's not what can be seen, but what is inside ~so no worries there with you my dear friend……I hope you feel better by the day.KarenXXPS: Beautiful plate and lace mat too!


  2. yummy…. coffee and walnut cake is one of my all time favourites, unfortunately my hubby and kids don't like it (shame on them) so I have to eat it all myself (not too bad then ;o)Yours looks scrumptious!!


  3. I'm looking improved today 🙂 hopefully on my way to the land of the 'not spotted' 🙂 thanks for your kind concerns. And yes, the cake was very good!~


  4. dearest Heather~you are always beautiful~inside and out~!I hope you are feeling much better…your cake looks so lovely there against your beautifully hand stenciled wall and the perfect touches of candles, flowers and old lace. I can almost taste the whipped cream and lovely goodness below.thank you for sharing your lovely girls in the early morning light~I am honored to have such a friend that shares so kindly…take good care and feeling better soon!


  5. Let me brag a second. I have meet Christine (she came to Wren’s book sighing) she is the sweet, kindest woman I have ever meet. Gorgeous too. I am besotted w/ her (I probably look like a stalker). She is truly an amazing woman and she dolls reflect her heart xoxo Clarice


  6. Truly PRETTY photos and such inspiration. 🙂 Who doesn't love cake, I tell you. Any cake is pretty to me! LOL Pretty yummy! hee hee hee And those dolls are truly loveyl – such a throwback to the past. 🙂


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