Happy Halloween!~

Happy Halloween wishes to you! Hope you have a spooky day 🙂 We’re headed to the pumpkin patch with my daughter’s class and the trick or treating tonight of course. Maybe we’ll see a real goblin or ghost or two?

How will you be spending the day today? It’s hard to believe that tomorrow will begin November. How is it possible?! Time is going so quickly now towards Christmas.
May your day be filled with pumpkin and sweets!~!

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!~

  1. I absolutely adore this painting; possibly my favourite? Until the next one, of course ;-)I must confess that since living in France I have become more and more drawn to All Saints' Day rather than Hallowe'en. I do, however, enjoy carving the pumpkins and making all manner of foods with them… especially soup!Happy trick or treating with your children.


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