Prairie Girl Petticoat

I love pretty prairie clothes. I love things that are simple and homespun with a bit of a rough edge. So I thought now that spring was coming and skirt weather was nigh upon us…I needed a petticoat! The shabbier and tattier and prairier the better. And when I came across this petticoat tutorial from AlisaBurke, I knew I’d found just the thing to make!

Now, I pretty much managed to not follow her directions very well. But I got the gist of what she was trying to do and I think it sewed up pretty well. I love that the petticoat is made up of all tattered edges on the ruffle, so it was meant to be rough and cut down a lot of time that might have been spent hemming edges (me? hem dozens of feet worth of edges? Ba!) I did use the outline of a skirt I already had on hand to make the rough form of it. And although her tutorial doesn’t really give a lot of information on how she put the base form of the skirt together, I used this crazy simple pattern for making and adding an elastic waist to a skirt from Oliver + S. It’s the pattern from which I’ve made all Audrey’s skirts and it’s so simple, I love it. I used the same idea to put in the waistband and base hem of the petticoat and when that was done I just added the rough ruffles.
Here is a photo of the petticoat under the linen skirt I based the pattern off of. Another difference in my petticoat is that the base is made of linen, which is sturdier than the muslin used in the tutorial, and I added some linen into my ruffles.
I’m going to make Audrey a mini one to wear under her skirts, and I know she’ll be adorable! I’m very pleased to have made a Mama-sized skirt now. I hope I can make more things for myself, and tailor them to my own personal style. I’m glad to have it finished, and my family probably is too! I have a habit of making a terrific mess when I sew. Who knew?
Anyhow…hope you like it! Now I need to start painting again!~

17 thoughts on “Prairie Girl Petticoat

  1. I love your skirt, there is nothing as satsfying as making clothes to suit yourself and this is you.I love linen and this looks lovely together,, one would think it was vintage


  2. Dear Heather,It is so, so pretty. Please show us Audrey's when it's done, yes?I have enjoyed reading back to your previous posts. I smiled when reading your impressions of Anne's House of Dreams. When my eldest daughter was younger I read many, many English classic children's books to her (since we live in France) and we devoured all the Anne books. I recall the huge sense of loss when we had reached the very end of the line. I loved them as a child and I loved them as an adult. Such poetic optimism. My daughter and I used to chant some of Anne's expressions; 'babbling brook, dewy dawn, etc' for ages.Such happy memories.Stephanieps Gaspard our puppy is 3 and a half months now. So sweet but we are trying to train him not to jump on us/people.


  3. Oh Heather–Those petticoats turned out darling!! You did a fantastic job for you and Audrey! I hope she enjoys wearing them on her birthday weekend!!


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