A Birthday in Oz

Well, this weekend my Little Miss turned five and we celebrated in Wizard of Oz style. It was a rather handmade affair, and when the bakery couldn’t find the Wizard of Oz characters to go on the cake I’d wanted to order, I just decided to bake a few treats (some ‘yellow brick road’ lemon bars and brownies) and have an ice cream sundae bar for the kids (and adults!) and everyone seemed quite content!

I used an old vintage table cloth with “poppy-like” flowers on it and a few of my Nicol Sayre halloween witch dolls and some flowers for decorations. I ended up being pretty pleased with the little gift bags I dreamed up. I got the red lunch bags at Target for about $2 for a stack and tied them with ribbon through punched holes made from pieces of fabric left over from the Dorothy skirt I made Audrey. Inside there was a giant lollipop, a magic wand, some Wizard of Oz rings I ordered off of Amazon and flower seed packs of poppies. The illustration on the bag I found online, printed with photo paper and glued on the bags. Voila! Wizard of Oz in a bag!~
I’m always of the mind that I can do a lot of these little party things myself to cut costs, but it still is a bit daunting to get every last thing bought, made, and remembered. But we had it done and it was fun and I’m glad that we have a whole year to worry about it again 🙂
And now that she’s 5, my Audrey is quite the big kid. She was supposed to be a St.Patrick’s Day baby, but came a week early, much to my surprise. I always tell her that her birthday brings the flowers, and its true; things are getting all bloomy and waking up from winter now. If you squint and don’t realize you’re looking at weeds, even the lawns are starting to green up! I can’t wait for the lush abundance of spring. Every season has it’s charm, but there’s a special relief to seeing springtime again.
Well, I need to get a little painting done so I will go for now!~ Hope your week is starting on a good foot-

19 thoughts on “A Birthday in Oz

  1. What a fabulous birthday celebration for your girl! I just love the homemade style with great treats and adorable party favor bags! Indeed it looks like a very special celebration! Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday Audrey!!


  2. Thank you, Stephanie! I do like spring babies 🙂 You get to be big and fat in the winter when all you can wear for shoes is snow boots and have a built-in heater, and then when the weather gets warm you have your little one to go out and about with! Its perfect!


  3. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Audrey! Wow FIVE!!GREAT Birthaday ideas!! And now the voice of the witch saying \”Poppies poppies pop….pieeeees\” is stuck in my head!!!I was a St Patties baby!! And so is my Mom! My Irish Dad was thrilled to have his St Patty's day girls! Blessings and Hugs, Linnie


  4. Ooh, I had so much to catch up on here!Happy Birthday to Audrey. The party bags were inspired!Feeling foggy … funnily enough I posted about something similar just the other day, and a couple of folk have commented they've felt the same way. I'm beginning to think the weeks of weird winter weather have affected a lot of us … the seasons aren't quite in kilter and so neither are we. Hope the sun comes out to lift your fog 😀


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