Tomtes & Dalas

Good evening! One late night post more before I head off to bed, I wanted to show you the finished tomte pair that I was working on the other day. I think they came out quite well, I love a good bearded man. I have one of my own 🙂

I think these two will be perfect for Christmas cards, and I envision doing a little group of Swedish themed paintings that I can sell as a set for the holidays. I’ve already got St. Lucia, and perhaps God Jul Sisters…just depends on which I like best when the time comes.
And to keep myself in a Scandinavian mood, I’ve been admiring a little dala horse ornament that my friend and fellow Nordic-Lover Christine Sharp Crowe of Weather & Noise (As well as the new shop in Tulsa, Made, where you can buy some of my art! But I digress…) I think it’s so sweet and I like the blue color.
Oh, and speaking of loving Swedish things….we’ve sporadically planned that trip we’ve been meaning to take to Lindsborg and I am more than a little excited. The same day we decided, I got a catalog in the mail from Hemslojd, a store there that sells Scandinavian items and also has its own workshop and on-staff folk artists. I’ve been pouring over the pages and showing my (very patient and accommodating) husband photos of dala horse and viking cookie cutters, and other fun things. I’m just excited for a little adventure and somewhere new to explore and perhaps get some fresh inspiration. I hope when I return I’m full of new ideas and ready to paint!
Well, I’ll turn in for the night for now. I seem to have caught the girl’s sniffles. But better now than when we’re traveling. So good night, sleep tight!~

9 thoughts on “Tomtes & Dalas

  1. Ooh my god, I love your blog and everything I see here so much I lost my words for a minute ***so so happy you found your way into my blog (how did you find it?) because here I will return lots of times. I love your art so much, the oldfashioned..everything! Now my little one is climbing on me, but I will return soon, and I´m glad to see you like things about Sweden..***love Lycke


  2. Oh, I love how the Tomtes came out!! The colors and faces are just full lof that holiday cheer!Yippee— for a now scheduled trip to Lindsborg! I bet there will be lots of inspiration to be found. This coming Christmas is going to be so much fun with your scandinavian line. I for one can't wait! Is your trip this weekend? Can't wait for some photos and a recount of the trip in your blog. Hope the cold clears up soon!


  3. Hi again sweet you! I was almost asleep in front of the tv, looking at antiques roadshow 🙂 when I got your comment. here the time is soon half past 10 in the evening and you know how one gets with small children :)) oh ..when I didn´t have children I could stay up til three in the night almost…not now! but I wanted to give you my e-mail I wanted to say that I´m happy you like what I´ve done with our walls! so much more I want to do! in our hall it´s not any wallpaper at all right now..just waiting for the right ones to come sailing up the road ..but they haven´t yet! but it´s so so important and interesting in searhing the perfect ones so we don´t hurry :)love Lycke


  4. Love the tomtes! I didn't even know that Hemslojd had a catalog–Paul and I bought several things there when we visited Lindsborg. There are several other places to shop on the same street, as well–all within walking distance of one another.


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