Hello there, everyone!~ Here it is Monday, again! Thanks to those who sent their birthday greetings and wishes! It was a nice weekend filled with lots of good food and fun. My parents got me a German chocolate cake– my dad and I are a little obsessed with it 😉 I had a nice day, visited an uncommon amount of farm animals (of course!) designed a new project (as I tend to do with only a week left til a craft show!) and enjoyed some quiet time.
   The sunset was so pretty yesterday too, and I was so stuffed with food…I am now ready to take on an entire year of being 31!

       At the end of the day, Mr. Franklin and I cuddled up with a new ghost story that my brother got me for my birthday (that’s what comes of a lifetime of terrifying a younger sibling with ghostly tales, I guess!) and called it a night. Tomorrow– the 25th— will be Franklin’s first birthday! He’s getting to be a big ol’ boy! He’s finally starting to ‘unfurl’, getting his leg whispies and flagged tail like a real Cavalier!

Thanks again, friends! And have a wonderful week,

9 thoughts on “*3-1*

  1. Oh gosh that cake looks so delicious!! What a perfect cake for a celebration too . This is going to be an exciting per week for Indie for you. Looking forward to photos of your booth and how it all goes!


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