Painting: A Thankful Harvest

    One great thing about anticipating the busy fall and winter seasons of shows and holiday sales is that I get to totally shut out summer and pretend it’s fall! And one of my first fall paintings is this one– A Thankful Harvest (original piece already sold.)

   You may remember these characters from my painting Picking Dinner. It’s the same little family– this time the baby is big enough to start standing on her own, perhaps she’ll take her first steps by winter? Anyhow– this painting shows the bountiful harvest of the garden come autumn, with corn, squash, pumpkins and even a basket of apples!

  I also love little black speckled chickens, and so I thought I’d give them a couple. Plus, a pumpkin headed scare crow– Audrey really liked that part!

   As for this afternoon— Audrey and Daddy have gone out fishing, so it’s just me and critters. I have another autumn (this time very Halloween!) painting on my painting desk, and I also finished a logo for an ancestry services business! Can’t wait to show you!

  Wishing you a merry weekend–

9 thoughts on “Painting: A Thankful Harvest

  1. Congrats on the quick sale! I am sure the new owner will love it. With all these horrid scorching temps, I simply CANNOT wait for fall! It is excruciatingly hot here. I love those little chickens, too. And especially the scarecrow with the little crow on his hat. Your work has become so amazingly detailed as of late…a modern day Tudor/Moses you are becoming!


  2. Hi Everyone! The painting is mine and I am ecstatic!! I love all of the colors and details. Here in Florida it has been horrible humid, rain showers, sticky everyday for weeks! I am with all of you….I am soooo ready to for Fall!! When the painting arrives next week, I am going to enjoy looking at it and dreaming about cooler days, open windows, and Pumpkin Coffee in the mornings. Is is late September yet?


  3. such a lovely painting dear you! really love it and I have no problem of feelings about autumn now (smiles) everything matures inside as summer goes along and often dreams about coming seasons are near..wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful summer Lycke


  4. All the hot days predicted for this week have me daydreaming about fall. Thanks for helping me set the mood! What a gorgeous painting for a gorgeous season. Hope you're doing well!


  5. The colours in the hay! So pretty! Oranges and reds and rusts. I want Michael's to start bringing out the fall stuff, I saw some ribbon with oranges and leaves, must mean fall is on it's way, that's always the first sign!


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