New Year, New Hopes

     I’m writing to you today on this very gray and chilly first day of 2015. That feels so strange to write and read, doesn’t it? 2015. Have we really been in the 2000s for 15 years now?!

   Of course, you know me— I’m usually thinking back to farther times. The older I get, the more I love history– the architecture, the fashion, the skills, the ‘how they did what’ aspect of it all. of course, I’d never turn my nose up at central heat and air or a dishwasher. But I am enamored of the ‘olden days’, as you see in my art.

   A few days ago, with some Christmas craft store gift cards in hand, I decided to indulge myself in an old timey interest that I’ve been intrigued by for a while, but didnt have the supplies to play around with it— Calligraphy. Especially Spencerian Script, the real swirly, elegant, Victorian style script that is so beautiful on old documents and letters from the past.

   I bought myself a pen, some ink, and a book to read. I’ve also been watching some youtube videos (I LOVE these especially, but artist Heather Victoria Held) and am practicing a little each day! Perhaps one day I’ll use the calligraphy in my art or in a project, but right now I’m just having fun. It’s good to try new things!

   Another exciting plan for 2015 is our ‘epic summer trip’ where we will load ourselves up and drive EAST. Like….waaaay east. Stopping in upstate New York to visit friends and tool around New England. I am SO excited and can’t wait to be in the area that is so dear to my heart and imagination! I long to see those old salt box houses, the old brick buildings that have seen so much history, even the sea…

   Sometimes, though, I feel like I am constantly longing for a place that is entirely too far away. As a lover of history, all of “history” seems to be far removed from me, and it’s frustrating sometimes. Of course, I know, there is history here, under my feet. I guess the problem is, we don’t really learn much about the midwest or Oklahoma itself in history class. I took an Oklahoma History course in Jr. High and I remember NOTHING from it. What in the world were we doing!?! I later found out my very high school stood on the grounds of a former Native American Mission School— and we never talked about it. I learned this after the fact, as an adult. It seems such a shame.

   That’s why I’ve gotten this idea to focus a little more on the interesting and unique things around me, right here on the prairie. I feel like it will do my good to invest in my town, my state, my region. I want to feel proud of where I am from— and I want to share these interesting places and scenes with you!

   So for 2015 I am going to take on “The Prairie Project.” I am going to put more effort into exploring my own back yard. I will always have a passion for Early America and the sites that are important to our past— but I want to expand that love for history to where I am as well. So many people have poured their heart and soul into this land, I don’t want to overlook it.

  Above is the little blog button I’ve made for the series— do you know the location? It’s the Little House on the Prairie homestead near Independence, Kansas! Yep— its where Mary and Laura and Ma and Pa lived! Places like this are where I want to go, take the kids and take the camera, and learn and remember. I’m excited!

   I am also excited to PAINT again! It’s been a while! And yes, I know I’m out of several prints in my etsy shop and I will get those reordered and back in stock! Please check back again if one you’d been waiting for is no longer available. And of course— THANK YOU— to all who shopped the etsy shelves bare, as it were, lol! I appreciate it so much!

  And so…with that, I will sign off! I’ve got some ideas for new art and want to get started!
Happy 2015, my friends!~

8 thoughts on “New Year, New Hopes

  1. Beautiful calligraphy practicing sheets! Wish I could do that! Helps that you have tremendous artistic abilities! 🙂 Sounds like you have a great year ahead of you with TONS of great memories to be made for your sweet family! Will look forward to what you are painting this year! I love my Christmas print! Do you have any special preferences as to how to mat/frame it? No mat? Want to do it justice! xo…Karen


  2. That is a wonderful idea Heather. I always thought that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but in reality, the beauty is truly on my side :0) Can't wait for the prints to be in your shop… mari


  3. Something about the \”olden days\” seems to call to us to do a bit of reliving at times. I'm just glad for today's modern conveniences as it could be said that I lived a bit as some lived in those days when I was growing up, and I've no desire to return to the lack of running water in the house. Also, just as you mention, that heat pump is much appreciated! Happy New Year, and have a great time exploring our history!


  4. Thanks so much, Karen! I appreciate your kind comments! As for the prints, I make them 8×10\” so you can just frame them in a standard frame— but they do look really pretty with a matte as well! Totally your call as to what you like best!


  5. What a beautiful post Heather, I love the way you write & always enjoy reading your posts.I have a dip pen & ink like yours & do my Christmas cards with it. There is a nice shop at Beamish Museum that sells them but they had ran our of the print book so I am on the hunt for one. Have fun with your new hobby, I always get inky fingers!I can't wait to see what the year brings for you & your family, enjoy your local history, I love the little house books.Happy New Year.Fondly Michelle


  6. I love this new project for 2015! What a great idea and I am sure there are all sorts of wonderful stories of the prairie that reveal great courage, perseverance , and beauty . It will fun to journey along with you and see what you discover in your art. Happy New Year from freezing cold and snowy Iceland! We are Florida bound in a few more hours. I can't wait to get home and settle into a new year. I just love all the energy a new year brings . Looking forward to learning about all things Prairie! Hmmmm, I think I will wear my Grandma's bonnet that looks very prairie in its style!


  7. Happy 2015! I love your fancy new pen and ink and the gorgeous writing you have been doing! I totally understand what you mean when you say the \”older you get the more I love history\”. It's been the same for me too. When i was a school kid I remember not loving history much. The teachers made it so dry. But now as a mama I find I just love it so! It has really come to life for my girls (and for me as well)! I am looking forward to all that is in store for all of us this year, and especially to your trip to my neck of the woods! I do so hope we can meet up! 🙂 xo


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