14:: Good Things Gathered

Hello, friends, and good morning!

I thought it was high time I posted a new Good Things Gathered! My kids have started back to school this week, and it’s time to get into my school year routine. I busy working on new pieces to offer to you for the coming Autumn Gathering in my Etsy Shop in September 3 and SO looking forward to fall. It’s going to be a while before things cool down here, but I’ve found myself wanting to knit and stitch more and more these days.

With my ‘summer break’ I’ve also had a change to gather some fresh “Good Things” for you, and I’m happy to share them with you today! And so– let’s get started!

  1. New Yarn! On my needles now is a wonderful varigated yarn from Apothefaery that I got at this year’s Fiber Christmas in July. It is an event that I always look forward to each year, and Apothefaery’s booth is where I usually drop some money. This year I got a few skeins of her beautifully dyed yarn, plus some roving. I currently have her roving on my spinning wheel and I’m almost done with that project (so many projects….never ending projects here!!!) and then I’ll start on the new roving. There is always something to finish around here! But as for the yarn– I love the striking combination of the warm russet orange and the vibrant cool turquoise. It’s another asymmetrical shawl. You know I cant quit them 😉

2. Good Books- I am reading a lot of books right now, but some of my favorites are in a series by British author LM Boston, who wrote the Green Knowe books. My son and I are reading them in the evening (he’s in second grade now) and they are lots of fun. I found out about the books in a round-about way, by watching an episode of “Escape to the Country”– where people look for homes in the country in the UK. In each episode they usually visit a place of note in the area the people are house hunting in, and in one they visited the home of Lucy M. Boston and talked about how her ancient home inspired her to start writing her children’s book series in the 1950s.

Her stories evoke for me a sort of simple mystery and magic, much like the work of (one of my very favorite authors!) Elizabeth Goudge. In the 1930s Boston moved into her home by the river near Cambridge, which happened to be one of the oldest continuously lived in homes in Britain– built in the 1100s! She took out shabby renovations and tried to bring the house back to its Norman era glory. She even created an amazing garden that features in the books. Today you can visit her home, which is still run by her daughter in law, You can find out more HERE.

The stories themselves are that sort of timeless tale about a young child who goes to live with a relative in an old and mysterious place. In book one, “The Children of Green Knowe”, Tolly goes to live with his great-grandmother, Mrs. Oldknow. He soon comes to find that there are other children living and playing in the house and gardens, children who lived there hundreds of years before him. It’s just the sort of tale I loved as a child (and still do!) and my son is enjoying the stories now. We are currently reading “The Treasure of Green Knowe” and I’ve already bought book 3 to read next. There are 6 books in total, and from I’ve read the cast of main characters expand to include other children from other places who find their way to the old house at Green Knowe. You might enjoy it too!

3) Yummy Fall Candles! And finally— I have gotten my first autumn candle of the season from one of my favorite candlemakers– “A Cheerful Giver’s” Keeper of the Light candles. This year there are several new fragrances, and I bought “Autumn Orchards” for my mom, and myself! These candles are BIG and they are pretty to look, as well as always having a wonderful scent that is strong enough to give a room some ambiance but doesn’t become over powering or sickeningly sweet. I’ve been buying them for years when I got Eureka Spring, Arkansas– but then I discovered you could order them online! I was so excited!

I tend to like scents that are either pumkin-y, apple-y or smell like dessert! There are lots of candles by this brand that fit that bill! Maybe you’ll find one you enjoy? This candle is the ‘Papa’ size, which is the biggest, but they also come in ‘mama’ and other smaller containers.

Well, those are just a few of the Good Things I’ve been enjoying lately, and I hope you enjoy them as well! Here’s to me getting back into a bit of a routine, and creating lots of new art to share with you! I hope you are well, and good luck to all who are returning to class! I hope this is a FUN and UNEVENTFUL school year!!!

Let me know what you’re working on and enjoying these days, do you have a favorite children’s book series you enjoy? Have you ever read The Green Knowe books? And do you have a favorite candle that gets you in the mood for fall?

If you’re intrigued by the story of Lucy Boston and her home, you might enjoy this video I found on YouTube that tells a bit about the house, the book and Lucy herself. She sounds like such an interesting lady, and the house is amazing. If I ever go to the UK, I’d love to see it for myself.

Thanks so much for coming to visit me here today!~

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend-

Take Joy!


One thought on “14:: Good Things Gathered

  1. What an amazing video of this remarkable woman! Her old stone house is stunning and the way Lucy tells the story of her home is so plain and real. The books she wrote sound charming as well. I know you and Robbie are enjoying story time these days! Thanks for sharing this beautiful author and her life. What an incredible life Lucy lived by taking the chance to purchase this old house. What a true inspiration this location gave her for sharing wonderful prose for young generations.


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