Works in Progress & The Giveaway Winner!

Just popping in this evening to let you know that my painting table is very busy this week— with little Scandi saints! I’ll be finishing them up this weekend and hope to have them available in my etsy shop at the beginning of the week next week. So far, I am working on some St. Sunniva and St Olav paintings! I love making these little saint paintings, as there are so many saints out there….I could spend my entire life painting them and never paint them all! I love trying to capture their personalities, stories and place of origin in these little paintings too.

ALSO– a winner was selected today for the free Kristin Lavransdatter themed giveaway from earlier this week! The winner was Mer_Stendahl over on instagram. Thanks so much to everyone who entered!

I will go for now, and hope to get a bright, early start on painting tomorrow!

Hope all is well,

Take Joy– H

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